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Budgerigar Association of America

Founded in 1999, The Budgerigar Association of America (BAA) is a national club dedicated to fun of keeping, care, breeding and exhibition of English Budgerigars (budgies or parakeets). The association has 22 local club affiliates across the USA and hosts an annual Grand National Exhibition that rotates between these affiliated clubs. Although the main focus of the association is supporting  the showing and breeding of quality exhibition type 'English' budgerigars.  The club members also provide guidance and information on keeping pet budgies or common pet parakeets. In addition to the annual meeting, many of the local affiliated clubs hold regular monthly meetings with opportunities for education and social contact. All persons interested in budgies are welcome to attend all meetings and club functions. Please explore our site to learn more about this fascinating hobby.



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2015 BAA Grand Nationals

The 2015 Grand National is headed to Texas. 

Start planning now for the 2015 Grand National.

Hosted by: Dallas Fort Worth Exhibition Budgie Club

October 23rd - 25th, 2015

Southfork Hotel in Plano Texas

Show Chairman: Virgil Oliphant

      * more info to follow


2011 Grand National - Video                                

  Thanks goes to George Hollingsworth for providing the pictures. 

The BAA would like to recognize the following achievements.

Winners 2014 Grand National

Congratulations to:

Stuart Sacks - Best in Show

Whitham/DiBernardo - Best Opposite

Whitham/DiBernardo - Best Young

Julie Willis - Best Young Opposite

Pauline Domenge - Best Intermediate

Josh Anthony - Best Novice

Skylar Neumann - Best Junior

2015 Advancements:

From Intermediate to Champion

Debbie Lownsdale

Al Maldonado


From Novice to Intermediate:

Slav & Mike Shcherbakov

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BAA Registration

 The BAA Registration Division is formed for the purpose of setting up a system of registration of Aviaries, Partnerships, Strains, Budgerigars and Pedigrees.








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